Little Snugglers Vs Little Movers: Which One Should You Choose?

Until you manage to potty train your babies, you cannot but rely on diapers all the time. Since your babies stay in diapers for most of the day, you need to ensure the best diapers for them. So, which diaper wins the battle in the little snugglers vs little movers debate?

Considering how both little snugglers and little movers come from Huggies, one would think they aren’t different at all. As long as it absorbs the pee and controls the poop, what more should you have to expect from it?

Well, you see, that’s where you folks always get it wrong. You forget that your babies will spend the first few months of their lives in these little diapers. So, size, material, and most importantly, comfortability – the diapers will need to factor in these features as well.

Fortunately, both snugglers and movers are way ahead of the contemporary brands in fulfilling these criteria. However, they still have some differences both feature and usage-wise. And that’s what today’s article is all about. 

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Little Snugglers Vs. Little Movers: Key Differences

While both these diaper lines focus on providing the utmost comfort, they do have certain limitations and differences. Here’s a brief overview of all the factors that set them apart.


Well, size comes up first if we’re talking about comparing the features of little snugglers and little movers. Because despite certain overlapping issues, both of them focus on different weight and age categories.

For instance – Huggies launched the Little Snugglers series for babies as young as absolute preemies. Newborn babies are already so tiny and fragile, to begin with. Think about how much harder the situation becomes when you’ve to take care of a premature baby.

For quite a while, it wasn’t even possible to find quality diapers for babies like these. Parents, nurses, etc. had to prepare make-shift diapers with little clothes to accommodate them. Needless to say, they weren’t as comfortable. And definitely not hygienic. 

There were security issues as well. All the nerve endings of preemie babies stay super vulnerable as they’re more exposed. Especially their naval area due to the severing of the umbilical cord. So, it’s necessary to take extra care while handling and moving them around.

All these issues were instantly resolved when Little Snugglers came into the market. Huggies really put out all the stops to accommodate as many babies as they could, it seems. And you can find the very first indication of that while looking through the available sizes they offer.

Little Snugglers comes in six different sizes as of now. Starting from Size 1, suitable for babies as low as 1 pound, they can go up to Size 6. The latter one can suit the needs of some pretty chunky babies weighing up to 35 pounds.

Meanwhile, the little movers aren’t as appropriate size-wise when it comes to newborn babies. They are only available in Sizes 3-6 as of now. That means they are perfect for babies who weigh at least 15-16 pounds going up to 35 pounds as before.

Special Umbilical Cord Cutout

Remember all that talk about the fragility of preemie babies? Well, since they still have an active umbilical cord opening, it’s important to take special care of that. Especially during putting a diaper on them or taking it off. 

That’s why Little Snugglers come with this specific design where there’s a little cutout for the umbilical cord. As a result, the waistband can’t directly press against the opening and make the babies feel uncomfortable. It also acts like a little protective covering for them.

Little movers also provide ample space to ensure breathability around that area. But it’s not a specialized cutout as these diapers aren’t for preemie babies. Well, by the time the babies grow into size 3, they don’t need as much intensive care as before anyway.

Don’t get us wrong though. They do need proper care all day every day, of course. But compared to newborn or preemie babies need so much more. And that’s where the main difference between both these diaper types lies.


The little snugglers seem to have a pocketed waistband i.e. it provides complete coverage. Little movers have a more snugly type of waistband that hugs the waist softly and gently.

And it actually makes sense too. As you know, newborn and preemie babies live off of a fully liquid diet. As a result, their poops are much softer and squishier compared to size 3-4 babies. Needless to say, it’s harder to control the diaper overflow when they’re like this.

So, the pocketed waistline really helps out with that. As for little movers, the snugly but super comfy waistband keeps the diaper in its place at all times. Because as they grow up, babies love to move around a lot. Hence, you need to make sure the diaper doesn’t fall off the waist.


Lastly, knowing the absorbency level and limit will give you a full-proof idea on deciding the best diaper out there. So, you can definitely use that to put the Little Snugglers Vs Little Movers debate to rest.

After scouring through multiple user reviews, it turns out that Little Snugglers have more absorbency than Little Movers. In fact, Snugglers can hold in at least 8-10% more pee than Movers.

And it makes sense too if you think about it. Newborn babies go through a lot more discharge even though they’re so teeny tiny. Not that the 16-17 pound babies don’t. But if you have ever handled a newborn baby, you know that they pee like every ten minutes.

The excrement situation isn’t that intermediate or constant with little older babies. Provided that they’re fully healthy and happy. So, they really don’t need that much absorbency either under normal circumstances.


Next on the list of differences, comes elasticity. Both of these diapers have some specific differences in the elasticity alongside the liner. Even though it’s pretty hard to make it out when you’re handling them for the first time.

But once you have been dealing with them consistently, it suddenly pops up more. Since Little Snugglers can absorb more liquid, these diapers, unfortunately, lose some edge in the elasticity department. 

And that’s a little surprising since one would think they would have more elasticity. After all, they do have to hold more water, no? But you’re forgetting that they have a pocketed waistband to make sure nothing gets out.

So, that kinda contradicts with the more elasticity policy. Don’t worry though! Your baby can definitely still breathe. It’s not airtight and just slightly pulls back on the movement.

Little Movers, on the other hand, have much more elasticity compared to Little Snugglers. And that’s perfect because they are made for much older and springy little babies. These babies need as much space for proper breathability when they’re crawling around.

Hence, even though these diapers are snug, they are also pretty stretchy. All thanks to the superior elasticity around the diaper waistline.

Diaper Liner

Alongside the waistband, you need a proper diaper liner too to keep the baby comfortable. And that’s where most of those off-brand diapers fail, as the liners seem much scratchier and plastic-y. But that’s never been an issue with Huggies so far. 

Needless to say, the same applies to both Little Snugglers and Little Movers by default. However, we also think that Little Snugglers provide a better diaper line than the latter.

And here’s why. Apparently, Little Snugglers tend to use polyester in their liner to make it softer and more sensitive to the touch. Once again, that makes a lot of sense due to the intense sensitivity issues of newborn babies.

Plus, it helps with absorption as well. Maybe that’s why Little Snugglers have a slightly increased absorption rate than Little Movers. All in all, it seems like Little Snugglers really is the best option for premature babies.

But hey, Little Movers definitely isn’t going down without a fight. While they certainly aren’t suitable for preemie babies, they are the best for babies over 16 pounds or so. (And up until they reach the 35-pound mark)

While their diaper liners may not feel as soft, they’re pretty effective for one special reason. If you use them, can you guess what it is? Yep. They have more of a ‘dry touch’ liner. As in, they are great at taking in more moisture.

And doing so, they protect your baby from getting that uncomfortable sensation when they have a full diaper. Or at least, it tones down that feeling a little. If you have been experiencing similar issues with your baby, you can try switching to the Little Movers instead.


So, who wins the little snugglers vs little movers debate after all? Well, if we absolutely had to choose, we’d say that little snugglers come with more benefits for most babies. Parents clearly love them and preemie babies certainly feel most at ease with them. 

But that doesn’t mean little movers fall short in fulfilling the overall needs. In fact, they’re near perfect for slightly older babies. So, when preemie babies grow up a little and become a lot chubby, you can move on to little movers. 


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