Top 6 Best Toddler Booster Seat for Eating Reviews 2021

Do you have a little child who needs constant care? If yes, then this article will serve you like nothing else. A toddler booster seat is usually utilized for a child’s safety. Toddlers are often very restless; it’s hard to take care of them. A toddler booster seat is specially constructed to ensure your child’s safety.

While eating, your child may create a mess if he/she can’t reach the table properly. You will face this problem vividly, mostly if your child has just learned how to eat. To avoid every problem of your child while feeding them, these toddler booster seats are constructed carefully.

Let’s get to know about some of the best toddler booster seat for eating without any further delay.

Best Toddler Booster Seat for Eating

Here are detailed reviews of the top 6 booster seat for eating :

1. OXO Tot Perch Booster Seat with Straps, Gray

The oxo tot booster seat comes with unique facilities. If your tot is a big kid, you can remove the straps. The adjustable feature of this seat can impress anybody. The cleaning process is very effortless.

It is very secure for your child. You can store the straps under the cushion when you are not using this. You will get the facility of the booster collapsing quickly. It ensures convenient travel.

The compact storage and removable feature can impress anybody. When you buy something for your child, the first thing you are worried about is the quality. You also care about if it is safe or not.

This toddler booster seat is made with BPA material to keep you tension free, and these are PVC free. So, you can use this safely without any worries.


  • Comfortable chair
  • Perfect height
  • PVC free
  • Non-toxic material


  • Straps fail to stay secure

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2. OXO Tot Nest Booster Seat with Removable Cushion


Here is another excellent product for you. This booster seat comes with a removable cushion. It comes in a grey color. The chair has a stain-resistant property. You can remove it for the deep cleaning.

The adjustable design is suitable for kids. It has back and bottom straps to fit children of any age. The suitable base provides non-slip feet. This prevention keeps kid-safe.


This is well protected from scratches. The given cushion is soft and removable. The cushion has a high back and sides. Your kids will be securely trapped in this booster seat. Even your younger child will be able to reach the table with this toddler booster seat.

Your child will like the design. This toddler booster seat provides excellent security to your child. Your kid won’t fall from it because of the higher protection system. It will hold your child tight. For adequate comfort, it is very well known.


  • Safe to use
  • Adjustable straps
  • It is protected from scratches.
  • Non-toxic material


  • Average material quality

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3. Safety 1st Sit, SnackConvertible Booster Seat

This toddler booster seat is a fantastic combination that fulfills all your needs. The fisher-price seat is the travel-friendly seat for the feeding solution for your baby. You are offered to have a car booster seat, which is very easy to clean.

There is no perforation to catch crumbs. The feeding tray fits perfectly in any dishwasher when you go to sanitize it. You can clean it easily anywhere. The height of it can be adjusted in three different ways to give your baby the best comfort level.

This seat also gives you outstanding features like an adjustable three-point restraint, a built-in cup holder and a snap-on feeding tray.

You are invited to make your child a part of learning new things as they learn social skills, manners, and start to observe listening and communication skills as they join in the discussions and conversations between family. You can adjust the height of it to any of your tables.

This toddler booster seat is also straightforward to open. It’s snap on the lid keeps the feeding tray clean, which is very important for your baby’s health. If you find a thing that can be the best choice for your baby, you have the best suggestion.


  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to clean
  • Shows excellent versatility
  • Very easy to use


  • A little bit small
  • The feeding tray comes scratched.

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4. SmartClean Toddler Booster – Seat Peacock Blue

This excellent piece stands up to the toughest mealtime messes and gives your child a new lesson. This is exactly what parents need to give their babies happy eating. It is wipeable and comes with a washable design.

You can clean it very quickly just with a single wipe and invest your time playing, chasing or cuddling with your little child. Literally, you will be able to give your child some extra quality time of yours. It’s height can be easily adjusted to any of your table or with any of your chairs and will help you to make your little child a part of your dining conversation and discussion.

The 3 point harness included with it keeps your child secured. You will be very lucky to have this one because it is easy to clean, easy to use, and will be your friend when you are going out with your little one. Its weight is light enough for your comfort while carrying it.

For taking care of this piece, you have to wipe it with a soft cloth and not immerse it in water. By purchasing this one, you can give your child the best comfort level and the safest journey. So far, it’s the best toddler booster seat for eating.


  • Perfect for eating
  • Gives enough safety
  • Excellent Durability
  • Easy to keep clean


  • Defective straps.

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5. Baby Base 2-in-1 Booster Feeding and Floor Seat with Self-Storing Tray

You can give your child more laughter and learning skills by providing your child with this incredible chair. This can easily fit in your dining area, and the height is good enough so that your child can enjoy the conversations in your family dining. The portable seat offers your baby to spend time during dining as well as becoming a friend while playing on the floor.

This gives your baby her own sized table so that meals and toys remain within reach. As your baby grows, you are offered to convert the baby booster to a toddler seat by removing the foam. It includes features like wipeable and also fits in the dishwasher easily and leaves you with more time for a family catch up and less for kitchen clean up. This baby booster is safe and secured.

The 3 point harness and safety strap keep the baby snug. This seat provides you with a secured seat for your baby. You can make your baby social and make the bonding you share with your baby more beautiful by keeping your child in the dining area as mealtime is the best time when members of a family share all of their feelings. So without further getting late, purchase this best toddler booster seat for eating for your child.


  • Shows awesome versatility
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to carry
  • Very long-lasting


  • Size issue

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6. Booster Seat for Indoor/Outdoor Use – Fast

This is one of the perfect chairs for your little one. It will do whatever you want from a toddler booster. It will work for your dining at restaurants, or home will be a chair at a beach and also a floor seat at home. This seat is a perfect choice for you because it shows versatility you.

You can remove the feeding tray anytime. So it is easy to clean. The fabric of the seat sit is a quality full, and that can be washed in a machine. You can carry this toddler booster wherever you want easily because it is very easy to carry. It is best situated for six months to 4 years of babies. The portable seat booster shows the versatility to help you. It provides you with fast, easy, and comfortable food.

When you want to go out, you can fold it and carry it with them over the shoulder strap. So carrying it becomes easier. It is highly rated for its sturdiness. Your child will be blessed with this awesome item because this will offer your child socially and quickly.

It will make your baby an active learner by keeping them in the dining area. Moreover, this ensures comfort and safety for your baby, and you can be tension free with the use of it. Give your child a new way of happiness with it.


  • Comes with a lightweight
  • Compatible for traveling
  • Very easy to fold
  • Shows excellent sturdiness


  • Not adhesive enough

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Buying Guide on the Best Toddler Booster Seat for Eating

Before buying something, you just have to be concerned about some things while buying your product. Now I am going to tell you about which things you should be concerned about while buying a toddler boosting seat for eating.

Materials: At first, you have to check the materials of the product. Materials put the main impact on the whole service of the product. Check each material of your toddler boosting seat before buying. If they are good, then you are going to have a proper service from them.

Parts: Every part of your toddler boosts say matters. You can’t ignore a single one. So check every part of your toddler boosting seat before buying it.

Durability: Though durability mostly depends on materials, you have to check the warranty card and people’s reviews for checking the durability. The durability of the product is very important. You can’t deny that.

Looks: Most of the kids like those things which come with good looks. So your toddler boosting seat should be good looking. Try to find a toddler boosting seat with good looks.

Easy: Cleaning process- Your child must be in a clean and safe space. You can’t leave your child to eat in a place where he is not provided with a clean place. So find a seat with an easy cleaning option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now I am going to help you with some frequently asked questions to clarify if you have any further confusion.

When should I use a booster seat for my toddler?

If your toddler can sit for a long time without falling, then you can use a booster seat for your toddler. It is usually for children aged up to 9 months. For the betterment of your child, you should use the booster seat regularly.

Can a three years old use a backless booster seat?

Yes, booster seats can be used for children aged three years, even though they are smaller than the seat. Booster seats are sold as an ideal one for children over 15 kilograms.

When should I switch my child to a high back booster?

You should switch your baby to a high back booster only when your child is old enough to be seated on a high back booster seat. You have to be careful about the seatbelt for your child’s safety.

Which one is safer between the high back booster and backless seat?

The high back boosters are safer than the backless ones because they are perfect in positioning the seat belt around your child’s body. Moreover, experts say that high back boosters can reduce the percentage of serious injury by 45 percent.

When can I stop using a high back booster for my child?

For your child’s safety, the minimum age that you should wait before stopping the use of a high back booster is five years. You should be careful that your child is mature enough to sit properly before stopping the use of a high back booster.


When having a family dinner time, you surely want your little ones to join the fun too. But without a toddler booster seat, you might face a lot of problems that might cause your child serious injury. For your child’s safety, buying the best toddler booster seat for eating will surely be the best step for you to take.

We all want the best for our children and their safety. Safety comes first when it comes to the children.No doubt that children are the first ones in priority, and keeping them safe is our first concern. I’m sure that this article will help you a lot in choosing the safest one for your child.

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