7 Best Paint for Action Figures Review with Buying Guide

When you are an artist as well as an action figure lover, nothing can stop you from getting a set of miniature colors to turn your favorite character into life. Now, to do that, you must be looking for the best paint for action figures from the market.

With so many models available in the market nowadays, it’s very confusing to choose the right one for your figures. If you are one of those people, you have come to the right place for help. In this article, we have listed the top 7 best miniature paints we think you should give a try.

If you ask our opinion, overall, the Vallejo Basic Colors Paint set is the best. This set not only features the finest metallic paints but also is great for beginner artists. However, all other products mentioned in our article are also of the best quality and excellent manufacturing that are worth giving a try.

In a hurry? Here are 3 products we picked out by the average customer review!

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Top choices for the Best Paint for Action Figures

1. Vallejo Basic USA Colors Paint Set – Finest Metallic Paints


When it comes to the manufacturing of the action figure color set, no brand can ever beat Vallejo. With a remarkable variety of paints, Vallejo has always managed to come with the best to offer. This Vallejo Basic paint set is not an exception. If you are a beginner looking forward to learning this new art, this Vallejo model is the perfect choice for you.

This marvelous painting set opens up a variety of options for you so that you can show your creativity in many ways. These bright and vibrant colors are what you need to make an action figure lively. The formula is excellently consistent that allows you to have a smooth painting surface with no traces.

These paints do an excellent job on any kind of surfaces while featuring a rich and dense color. The colors are really easy to mix and it goes over different surfaces smoothly as your brush strikes.

If you ask me about the thickness, the colors are not too thin or too thick, they are what you call perfect! With this Vallejo set, you are going to get the finest metallic paint range available.


  • Dense and moderate colors
  • Smooth painting with no traces
  • Easy on difficult surfaces
  • Comes in a great variety of colors
  • Finest metallic paints



  • Not very good with water

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2. Basic Colors – Acrylic 16 Vallejo 71178 Paint Set – Airbrush Paint Set


Another gorgeous painting set of the Vallejo set is this Acrylic Airbrush Paint Set. Though these paints are especially famous for airbrush painting, they also go excellently with the regular brushes. Hence, miniature artists love this model set.

This airbrush paint has a lot of similarity to the scale modelers which allows you to make the paint lines more artistic, relisting, and less animated than real gaming ones. So, game lovers are ought to love their favorite characters into real-life action figures.

You don’t have to work much to make these paints flow smoothly. And if you manage to add a little lower air pressure spray to the colors, you will get the finest work by them. With a semi-matte finish, you won’t have to worry about them getting dry constantly. If you are a complete beginner unsure of where to start, this Acrylic Airbrush Paint Set by Vallejo can be a great start for you.


  • Excellent with an airbrush as well as a regular brush
  • Allows you to make a realistic action figure
  • Offers a semi-matte finish
  • Doesn’t get dry quickly


  • Can be disturbing with normal brushes

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3. Vallejo Game Color Washes 17ml Paint – Damage Resistant Paints


So, here comes the last Vallejo of our list, the Game Color Washes Paint Set. With a wide range of color options, this Vallejo set paint can smoothly swipe over any kind of surface including the hard ones like resin, metal, and plastic.

With a damage-resistant feature, this set is the perfect paint for your favorite action figures. Moreover, the set contains an eyedropper device that keeps the paints from drying out while preventing spills. The water-based formula is totally non-toxic and you won’t have to worry about any flaming reaction.

When it is a Vallejo game set, you have no other option but to trust it wholeheartedly. The Vallejo brand always offers the best you can find at the most affordable rate. So, you better get to shopping!


  • A wide range of game color wash
  • The paints can work smoothly on any surfaces
  • Damage-resistant paints
  • Comes with an eyedropper device
  • The paints are both water-based and non-toxic


  • The color washes are not up to the mark

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4. The Army Painter Dungeons and Dragons Official Paint Line – Best for Beginners

Army painter is another well-known brand for paint lines that you will always find fascinating. Their paints are exceptionally good for painting characters like dragons, zombies, and fighter planes. They also come with an impressively wide range of gears along with terrain items and glues to make your paintings easier.

Just like most other products of the Army Painter, this Dungeons and Dragons Paint Line is one of a kind that features a multi-purpose painting. The flesh-like shades allow you to get your action figures into life. Besides all that, this set features an excellent complexity and realism, all thanks to the rust finishes and washes it comes with. Now, you can easily give an exclusive touch to the toughest and complex projects.

With a variety of pigments, the colors are not only bright but also vibrant. Moreover, they totally hold onto this vibrancy even after you are done with the painting. The colors are incredibly lightfast and they continue to give your action figures a glowing look for a long tie. Not to mention perfect mediate consistency.  


  • Excellent for beginners
  • Includes a wide range of tools with the set.
  • Features a multi-purpose painting
  • The colors give a realistic look to your figures


  • It doesn’t come with any miniature in the set

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5. Reaper: 08907 – Learn to Paint: Layer Up! – Complete Guide by Rhonda Bender


This paint set comes with a variety of excellent quality colors, two brushes, and three miniatures, everything you will ever need to make some creative designs. Besides being bright and rich, the colors have an incredible capability of tolerance to light. Whenever you are looking for the pain with the perfect consistency, the Reaper learn to paint set is your best choice.

If you are a complete beginner, you won’t have to worry about color mixing since it comes with a rather easy to use and mix feature. Though the brushes are especially for beginners, you can still do some advanced work with them.

This kit has something to help the beginners just like you. It comes with a step by step action figure painting guide made by a famous painter. The guide is very easy to follow and is written in a simple language. Whenever you are thinking of taking your painting skills to the next level of expertise, this is the painting kit you should be looking for.


  • Comes with three miniatures and eleven different paints
  • Features a complete guide by the famous painter Rhonda Bender
  • Perfect consistency
  • Rich and dense color


  • Doesn’t have too many paints

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6. Master Series Bones Ultra-Coverage – Water Soluble and fast Drying colors

Manufactured by Reaper, this Master Series Bones Ultra-Coverage Paint set is a package of a number of thematic colors made especially for action figure painting. With their amazing quality, you get excellent coverage. Also, the set comes with 16 different acrylic colors to help you make wonders with the strike of your brush!

The color choices might seem to be small, but if you are innovative enough, this limited number of colors can create something outstanding. You know, when it comes to Reaper, the colors are bound to be exceptional and no matter how hard you try you might not find them separately in the market.

Though this painting set seems a lot and it comes with 5 different miniature to help you start with, this set is not exactly for beginners. That means you will need some previous experience to work with this set of colors.

You can be assured that a Reapers color paint set is never going to disappoint you with anything. So, you should give it a chance.


  • Comes with five Reaper miniatures
  • The paints are fast drying and water-soluble
  • Amazing with resin, plastic, and metal action figures
  • Includes 16 different colors


  • Not suitable for beginners

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7. Doodle Hog 15pc Miniatures Paint Brush Set – Mini Painting Art Brushes – Best for both Beginners and Experts


The last but not the least action figure painting set is the Doodle Hog Miniatures Paint Brush Set that comes with 15 different colors for your choice. If you are looking forward to something that will help your action figures to get into life but also at a cheap rate, this set is the one to look for. Also, this set allows you to choose the brush of your comfort from a variety of options.

Unlike most other sets, this one is suitable for both beginner and expert level action figure painters. The brushes it comes with are so comfortable and light that you can spend hours while still holding them on your hand without any kind of fatigue. These brushes will allow you to strike anywhere with excellent perfection.

If you are an experienced painter, you might actually know how irritating shedding bristles are. These can leave unwanted streaks on your beautiful art. Also, they are pretty hard to remove. But with these easy to clean brushes, you won’t have to experience anything disturbing like the streaks.


  • Available at an affordable price
  • The set has 15 different colors with paintbrushes
  • Excellent for both beginners and experts
  • The brushes are really comfortable to hold.
  • The paintbrushes come with a color-coded handle


  • The bristle may curve quickly

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Buying Guide for the Best Paint For Action Figures:

Whenever you are spending some money on action figure paints, you will obviously want to find the best ones available in the market. Though we have made a detailed review article about the best paints, you can still be confused about what to look for in a paint set. Well, there are several things you should consider before buying any of them:

Bottle Design:

The bottle used to hold the paints are an important fact when it comes to the comfort of using a paint set. Usually, these painting colors come in two different types of the bottle: either pots or droppers. While the pots are a small jar with pop-up lids, the dropper bottle is more like eyedroppers which allow you to squeeze out the paint drop.

Now, it mostly depends on your personal choice about which one you would like to use. If you ask me, droppers are easier to use than the pots. But again, some people would prefer the pots. So, buy the one you are most comfortable with.


Consistency is a very important thing when it comes to choosing a paint. A thin color is suitable for people who would like to work with something watercolor like. However, most rich colored paints come with the smallest amounts of water.


Moreover, heavy paints are easier to use and they can make your action figures look more lifelike. Also, with thick consistency colors, you can get your preferred viscosity by adding sufficient amounts of water. Mostly, a little water can make the paint flow more. 

Paint Opaqueness:

Paint opaqueness means the capacity of the colors to obscure the light passing through. Paint with a good opaqueness can cover its beneath surface excellently. Now, you might not always want opacity colors, translucent colors are also an option. Like most other things, this one depends on your personal preference too. However, it mainly depends on the type of action figure you are trying to paint.


Quality is an important factor every time you trying to buy something. Generally, high-quality products the ones to give you a long time but excellent service. When we talk about a paint set quality, we usually mean the paint consistency. You should look for the paints that work smoothly on any surface and is very reliable to work with.


Lightfastness means the capability of your paint’s pigment to prevent the obvious fading over time. Generally, the colors fade due to the reaction with light. So, it’s better if your color is especially resistant to light. It will increase the lightfastness of your paint set.


A fast drying is bad for any kind of paint. The paint that dries too quickly will make your figures clumpy and gloppy by drying out on the brush you are using. Also, these kinds of colors are hard to mix and don’t create blending effects.

So, if you want to avoid troubles like that, you better make sure that your colors will remain intact for a long time. 


So, there goes our review article for the best paint for action figures available currently in the market. We know that when you are an action figure enthusiast and love to paint, it’s hard for you to wait and find the perfect paint set. That is why we have shortlisted the finest products by the world-famous brands to help you choose one of your choices.

If you still get confused, the buying guide is always in your services. No matter what paint set you to choose, make sure you are comfortable with the colors and the quality is of world-class for a better painting.

The paint set we mentioned above are all manufactured by world renowned companies and you can totally expect the best from them. Besides their high quality colors, there are many advanced features included in these sets. So, you can believe in them most assuredly. 


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