Best Lightsabers For Dueling (Don’t Regret Later)

If you are a Star Wars fan, we cannot ignore your fascination for a cool lightsaber. Well, the choice can often be hard as these are not widely available, and you need to roam around among the available choices because the features need to be top-notch.

Hereby, we have brought a few of the best lightsabers for dueling. We have sorted the lightsabers according to uniqueness, quality, sturdiness, and design. So we can bet that you are going to get a few incredible lightsabers that will totally meet your demand. 

First, let’s know about the variations that you will get out of the lightsabers. Keep on reading! 


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Force FX Heavy Dueling 5


Loud Sound Hight Light with FOC 5 Price

Types Of Lightsabers:

There are a lot of variations in the Star Wars lightsabers. Here we have gathered those all for you: 

  • The Standard One: the standard blade lightsaber is something that is famously used by the likes of Luke and Anakin Skywalker. It has a plasma blade formed by the crystal within the grip. 


  • The Dual-Phase Lightsaber: this one was formed by Darth Vader occupies two cyber crystals. The length of this lightsaber can be differentiated into two forms, which leaves the opponent to an utter surprise. 


  • Training Lightsaber: these lightsabers are used in training Younglings. The specialty of these lightsabers is, they contain shorter blades than usual lightsabers and the energy level is lower to help avoid injuries. These help to deliver mild shocks to numb muscles for an instance. 


  • The Protosaber: this lightsaber was introduced by the Vader Immortal VR game. Being more embellished than most lightsabers, it comes with corkscrew prongs twisting around the base of the blue energy blade. Also, it has a fan-like formation attaching the crossguard to the handle.


  • Shoto Blades: Ahsoka Tano used this Shoto blade lightsaber alongside her regular lightsaber. This one has a hilt arranged at a 90-degree angle, serving the Jedi transition evenly from attack to defense.


  • Double-Bladed Lightsabers: if you want something cool and unique, undoubtedly here it is! Darth Maul made his appearance with this weapon. It has an extra-long hilt with multiple kyber crystals.


  • Switchblade: you can call this a subcategory of the previously mentioned variation. This lightsaber has two blades that can be collapsed so they are side-by-side. Also, you can switch the blades down to the legendary double-bladed configuration.


  • Lightsaber Pikes: these come in both double blade and single-bladed variations. Mostly these lightsabers were seen in Star Wars Animations. 


  • Crossguard Lightsabers: the sword-like structure of this one catches the viewer’s attention. The structure was invented with three blades. 


  • The Inquisitors’ Lightsabers: you can be a fan of the remarkable design of this lightsaber. The design is different from other lightsabers. These are unique and distinctive lightsabers, which can be spun as a sort of helicopter.


  • Lightsaber Whip: this one is a reintroduced weapon originally seen in the Expanded Universe. 


  • The Darksaber: it is quite different from usual lightsabers with a strange, sparkling black energy blade. The blade is not cylindrical like all the lightsabers, rather it is flatly built. It is the representative of the ruler of the Mandalorians. 


  • Ezra’s Unique Lightsaber: this remarkable one is designed by Ezra’s blaster. This one has a blue kyber crystal with a praiseworthy appearance. 


  • The Lightspear: this one was only used a few times by Sith. The details of this design are still unknown. 


Tips For Choosing The Best Lightsabers For Dueling:

Here are a few things that you need to remember before you buy your lightsaber specified for dueling. Let’s see what we got here: 

  • Length & weight: if you want the best lightsabers, it has to be comfortable to handle. Lightsabers actually depend on how much you can handle its length and weight including the blade, so it can’t be too heavy or too light and too long or too short.


  • Durability: the durability of the lightsabers has to be long-lasting for dueling. So buy lightsabers which can be used for heavy duels. You have to check the material of the saber whether it’s made of plastic or steel. Because plastic-made sabers aren’t durable and it’s not long-lasting. So you have to choose a durable blade made of high-quality solid materials for dueling. 


  • Blade quality: the blade of an ideal lightsaber has to be highly qualified. It has to be durable construction made of light and solid materials like polycarbonate light blade and the lightsabers will provide you dual blade wielding. The blade has to be safe to use and designed for children above 8+ age.


  • Handle: the handle of the lightsabers will have to provide you a wrap and a durable case. The handle or hilt of the sabers has to be comfortable to grip and reliable unless it will cause damage. It should have to be made of aluminum, lightweight, and non-slip for dueling purposes. If the handle is too heavy to hold, it will cause severe arm injuries. 


  • Sound effects & battery: the sound effects of the lightsabers have to be unique when dueling. It can be automated or has many useful functions like mute, volume adjusts, different types of sound effects, etc. and the sound will change depending on the moves like action movies while dueling. The sabers have to be rechargeable and will provide you AAA batteries, 2000 mAh lithium-ion batteries, or a USB charger. It would be better if they provide 6 to 8 sound fonts.


  • Light effects & color: lights are the most important part of the lightsabers. You can’t call them lightsabers if they don’t have lights. The light of the sabers has to be attractive and flashy and will provide you multiple and unique RGB light colors. The lights and colors have to be interesting like VR or star wars when you make a move. The LED lights have to be chargeable, color setting and will give you 10 to 12 colors of light.


  • Branded & Budget-friendly: sometimes the best lightsabers depend on your budget. The lightsabers have to be good branded and budget-friendly. You have to check the reviews first before buying the best lightsabers. You can buy the lightsabers from the best-reviewed online-based official website such as Amazon which is good quality for its price. It has to be affordable and customer service.


Best Lightsabers For Dueling – Amazing Choices 

Here comes the real talk. Let’s see what we got as our best picks for you today. You won’t regret it! 


1. KYBERS RGB 11 Colors Changeable Metal Hilt Light Saber 


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Key features: 

  • RGB version with a wide variety of colors for the best appearance. 
  • Comes with a smooth and neat hilt to hold.
  • High-impact PC-built blade with the removable feature.
  • Provides 3 sound fonts and mute mode.
  • You will see sound and light effect feedback while it hits any object. 


Among all the best combat lightsabers, this one is going to blow your mind for sure! As the main attraction of a lightsaber, this one has 11 different lighting modes with basic RGB. Whenever you hit any surface, you will see it light like a real monster. Also, the 3 sound fonts and mute option make it more realistic to enjoy.


Besides that, if we notice the built quality, the body is built with premium material. The hilt is smooth to hold so it won’t cause any injury. Oftentimes, sharp edges from the hilt bother us which you can entirely avoid after getting this one. The high-impact PC-built blade is another reason to be impressed with. It is very lightweight and removable so if somehow you damage it while using the lightsaber, you can change it on your own with a new one. 


When you are a Darth Maul’s saber fan, you have nothing to worry about the single-blade operation of this one. It offers enough versatility to attach two sabers to get the double-bladed saber experience. Now you can do everything with one saber and you can get the ultimate dueling experience with a single lightsaber. 


Why we recommend this one: the main reason is the quality and then comes its versatility. This one proudly meets all the dueling demands. And if you don’t like single-blade lightsabers, you can switch them to double-bladed ones too. 


2. YDD Jedi Sith LED Light Saber, Force FX Heavy Dueling


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Key features:

  • With the best support in dueling, this one offers blaster sound effects and flash-on clash.
  • Comes with a high-quality polycarbonate-bilt blade.
  • Interchangeable between three sound fonts.
  • Offers heavy dueling advantages without breaking off. 
  • 50 minutes of playtime after one charge which takes only 4 hours.


Hovering around looking for the best budget dueling lightsabers? Here you get the best deal that supports heavy dueling without any issues. This one comes with a variety of features to support you the best. First, let’s focus on the built quality. It is created with an aluminum alloy handle with a high-quality polycarbonate-bilt blade. The durability is ensured amazingly here. 


The most interesting part of a lightsaber is the sound effects. With this one, you can get three different sound fonts. So whichever sound font you like, you can easily switch to that. If you are new to lightsabers, it will be a perfect weapon for you because the using procedure is very easy. So while you are thinking of purchasing a lightsaber for your baby, here it comes! 


When you are tired with large changing times and less playtime- let us give you a piece of good news here. This lightsaber requires only 4 hours to fully charge. Afterward, you can use it for up to 40 minutes, which is undoubtedly unexpected because most lightsabers do not offer such extended playtime with a single charge. So when your priority is heavy dueling, we suggest you check it out, you won’t regret your choice! 


Why we recommend this one: first of all, this lightsaber is unique because of the less charging time and more playtime that it offers. Besides, the material quality is undoubtedly something to stick to. For people who seek a lightsaber for heavy dueling, it is perfectly suited for them.


3. Star Wars The Black Series Darth Vader Force FX Lightsaber

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Key features: 

  • Available in two colors to make your choice personalized. 
  • Complete StarWars themed lightsaber to be in the character. 
  • Best for acting on roleplay in different characters. 
  • Let’s you act like a Jedi or a Sith, a Rebel or Imperial trooper, a Battle Droid or Clone Trooper in the most realistic way. 
  • The price and quality ratio is perfect for anyone to be impressed with. 


Seeking the most realistic experience from your lightsaber to play like a Jedi or a Sith, a Rebel or Imperial trooper, a Battle Droid or Clone Trooper? Well, here you go! This StarWars themed lightsaber is everything that you ever asked for. From quality to realistic appearance, it has got it all. The blade and hilt, everything comes in the top-notch quality.


Once again, good sound quality and effects are what we require to get the most out of a lightsaber. For the most realistic usage, the sound quality of this lightsaber is very praise-worthy. The sound is adequately loud compared to other lightsabers which makes playing with it more exciting. Not only the sound, but the lighting is also with the shot. 


When you play in the dark with it, you will feel like living in a Star Wars movie because of its realistic appearance. Besides, it is easy to hold and sturdy enough to last longer. But no matter when you play, the lighting will always look the same which is the most appreciable feature of this weapon. 


Why we recommend this one: the initial reason is that it suits you perfectly when you want to experience an actual Star Wars character-like feeling. The realistic appearance deserves applause. Also, the lighting serves perfectly during both day and night time. 


4. YDDSABER Light Up Force FX Sword Heavy Dueling


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Key features:

  • Gives away blaster sound effects and flash on clash feature.
  • The hilt fits perfectly in your hands providing a better grip.
  • The lighting glow is unique for dueling. 
  • Shows the same lighting in the daylight and darkness. 
  • Comes with unique material which holds up better durability.


Considering your necessities for a good lightsaber that supports dueling, this one will be another one to blow your mind. The features are unique compared to the other lightsabers and it also comes at reasonable pricing. When you play with it, it gives away blaster sound effects and flash-on clash features.


Moving to the lighting, the lighting here is blue which looks perfect in both daylight and nighttime. Most of the lightsabers show deemed lighting in the daytime. But that is not the case with this one. You will get the same outcome during any time of the day and the glow is perfect for vivid dueling. 


If your lightsaber does not provide a good grip, you cannot play with that comfortably. Keeping the issue in mind, this weapon has the hilt and blade length ratio perfectly figured out. You can use one hand or both your hands to hold it without the fear of dropping it while dueling. Also, the material is sturdy enough to last for a long time. 


Why we recommend this one: the comfort of usage is the main feature that we have liked about this lightsaber. Besides, the lighting works perfectly fine for any time of the day, which is praise-worthy if we consider the pricing. We must say you can get it if you are looking for the best dueling lightsabers.


5. Galaxy’s Edge Star Wars Legacy Lightsaber


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Key features:

  • Serves great accuracy while dueling with it. 
  • Offers heavy-duty performance during your role-play with the durable material. 
  • Lightweight to hold easily and operate. 
  • Easy to grip without the worry of dropping it off. 
  • Green lights to get the best lighting whenever you strike on anything.


Roaming around in search of a reliable Lightsaber? Here we are with what you want. Presenting the most brilliant lightsaber in front of you to feed your requirements. This immaculate Lightsaber will make you fall for it with its enormous collection of features. To begin with, it comes with an original storage case which makes it easier to store, carry, and so on. You will get subtle white lights from it until you attach it to the saber hilt. After attaching the hilt you will discover that this wonderful lightsaber features green light. 


That’s not it, it features sound effects as well. Can you imagine how mind-blowing and versatile that feature makes this lightsaber? Besides, the battery it brings along, perhaps it shows the longest battery life ever. The accuracy level of this lightsaber is obviously beyond imagination. So now it’s confirmed that it’s a great lightsaber with good features. But aren’t you worried about the usability?


First of all, it comes with a lightweight design which makes it portable. In addition, the smart design and the smooth edges of the lightsaber make it easy to grip and handle. Furthermore, you’re getting something which is made with 100% high-quality materials to offer you higher and long-lasting performance. We find it a great lightsaber that not only features great features but also cares about the comfort of your kiddo. 


Why we recommend this one: we realized most often you get stuck with low-quality, shabby lightsabers when you decide on getting your kiddo one of those. This time we want you to be happy instead of being disappointed with the lightsaber hence. The heavy-duty performance, precious features, and reliability of this lightsaber will impress you constantly. 


6. KYBERS Standard Series Lightsaber


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Key features: 

  • Offers 5 sound fonts and mute mode with three different volume modes to adjust. 
  • Versatile with 11 different colors to switch to. 
  • Comes with high-grade LED lighting with three levels of brightness.
  • Provides six different light efficiency modes for an exciting operation. 
  • Offers high-impact PC-built blade with a changeable facility. 


Tired of underhand lightsabers? No Biggie! We got your back. To impress you and your kid immensely we would like you to meet the ultra-powerful KYBERS lightsaber. You must understand, it’s time to let go of those not-so-worthy lightsabers and bring this one home. Your kiddo wouldn’t be able to get enough of this lightsaber. We are pretty sure you and your kid, both will be impressed by this lightsaber with the very first glimpse. 


This lightsaber is constructed with a metal structure. That’s what makes it capable of providing you with such heavy-duty, reliable, and long-lasting performance. Yes, you heard right, this is a very durable lightsaber. Well, to make you even happier we would go for the other incredible features of this mind-blowing lightsaber. It features sound effects, which sounds amazing. It has 5 sound modes and a mute mode to easily get what you need.


The handle of the lightsaber has got a super smooth and immaculate finish which makes the handle easier to grip as expected. Moreover, the glowing blades of this lightsaber are made of high-impact PC, they are removable and changeable additionally. This lightsaber simply lets you enjoy 11 different shades of lights with flash, crash, and sound effects. The versatility level of this lightsaber is now beyond our imagination. 


Why we recommend this one: finding a good lightsaber is not a piece of cake, we know that very well. At that phase, we can have this one which is not only great at features but also pocket-friendly. It offers 11 different shades of lights and 5 different sound modes. Furthermore, it needs no explanation that it’s constructed with the highest quality materials.


7. Dueling Lightsaber


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Key features: 

  • Easy to use with the solid built quality. 
  • Reliable handle that ensures the perfect grip without any slipping off. 
  • Heavy-graded strong, removable, and changeable blade implemented for the best support. 
  • Comes with 6 sound fonts and a mute mode with blaster sound effects.
  • Bright and illuminated light-effect on the blades. 


Planning on surprising your little one with a great lightsaber? Hover no around since here is what you were waiting for for a long period. It’s a 12 color changeable force FX lightsaber. Yes, it comes with 12 different shades of light. We know you are already dying to get this one but hear us out first. It’s just not the light shades you’re getting, you will get to enjoy 6 different fonts of sound with this lightsaber, is that amazing or what? 


You might consider it to be a complex lightsaber relying on all those features. But we are delighted to let you know that it’s a lightsaber that is super easy to use. It’s suitable for all, delicate, and a beautiful lightsaber which will make all of us get what we wanted for years. The handle of this lightsaber is made with aluminum alloy. Surprisingly whenever you will hold it you will feel excited and when you will wave it, it will feel like a real saber. 


The handle is worth praising because along with those features it offers easy to grip features. The sturdiest blades of this lightsaber are made of high-impact PC which is extremely durable and great for dueling. We think when you want a good lightsaber with suitable features, this is the most perfect answer for you. We are saying so not because of the features but because of the comfort, it provides the user. That is so worth the price. 


Why we recommend this one: it’s kind of obvious that kids are crazy about lightsabers. But do you even realize how happy your kid will be to hear about this amazing lightsaber which features 12 different light shades and 6 different sound fonts? Even we are amazed by the functionality and realistic appearance of this one! The durability and high performance of this lightsaber are wholesome on the other hand. 


8. Saber Studio Upgrade Force FX Lightsaber


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Key features: 

  • Dual lightsaber using capability with the included connector.
  • 12 kinds of colors for extended enjoyment.
  • Comes with functions like flash on clash and waving sound.
  • 9w LED lamp beads for bright lighting any time of the day.
  • Comes with a 18650 rechargeable lithium battery for extra playing time. 


We know how difficult it has been with all the lightsabers which do not make your kiddo happy apparently. That’s why we are happy to let you know that now you and your kid can have this amazing lightsaber and just enjoy it. It’s a lightsaber that is suitable for not only kids but also adults. It’s a real heavy dueling lightsaber with 6 different sound fonts and great construction with heavy-duty, high-quality materials. Didn’t it already reach the highest level of your favoritism?


The 12 RGB LED lights of this lightsaber are so attractive that you are gonna love it at the first glimpse. Kids will just become crazy after watching those changeable lights and blades, we are pretty sure. Another great thing, it can be connected with other lightsabers with a connector which makes the journey even more fun. It’s a premium fashionable lightsaber with 12 different colors. 


We should let you know that it’s very easy to use. Switching the modes of light and sound is the easiest thing. The lightweight of this makes it easier to carry and store. Even after offering that much comfort level, it offers durability too. That’s why we suggest you get this lightsaber as soon as possible. 


Why we recommend this one: we think it’s high time and you should realize that there are nicer opportunities while you are trying to compromise with shabby lightsabers. The lightsaber from saber studio is a great pick for the buyers. The features, compatibility, attractive light colors, all make it the most perfect lightsaber. It’s also budget-friendly. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Are RGB lightsabers good for dueling?

RGB lightsabers come in different colors. The hilt is usually made of aluminum alloy which puts a remarkable impact on enhancing durability. Moreover, depending on all of the features and specifications we can say that RGB lightsabers are great for dueling rather than keeping them as a collection.


Which lightsabers can you duel with?

If you are finding lightsabers good for dueling then we would like to suggest you the Heavy Grade and the Ultraedge Heavy Grade ones since they are capable of making you amazed while using them for dueling. We can’t think of anything more perfect than these lightsabers when you are actually serious about dueling. 


Can you duel with Disney lightsabers?

In short, yes. They come with reliable blades. The lightsabers end up being super durable because the materials and the parts won’t fall apart. And all of those features and specifications make Disney lightsabers pretty good for dueling. 


Are all the lightsabers good for dueling? 

Not really. If you go looking for a reliable Lightsaber for dueling, you would hardly find a few. Because there aren’t many lightsabers which offer great features, reliable durability, different light and sound modes and so on. All of those are important for dueling and a few lightsabers offer those altogether. 


Are lightsabers for dueling very expensive?

There are different brands of lightsabers. Different ones come in different price ranges. What you have to do is categorize the features you want and compare different brands and their prices. Then you can get one according to your requirements. But there are obviously some lightsabers available at stores which are really great and come at a reasonable price. 


Wrapping Up 

Now we are over with our discussion and suggestion of the best lightsabers for dueling. Hopefully, by now you have already picked up the one which seems to be the best one for you. Playing with a lightsaber can be very enjoyable as you or even a kid can live in the moment like a star wars character. So getting the best-served one is necessary. 


That’s why, choose the lightsaber wisely and consider comparing the features according to your requirements. Also, do not forget to follow our given tips to get the best out of your lightsaber. However, as we mentioned the best ones here after our self-testing, we are affirmative that you won’t regret your choice.

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