Top 7 Best Game Console For 3 Year Old Kids In 2020
best game console for 3 year old

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In this tech era, the usage of technology is inevitable. Now kids also like to play virtually more than playing in the field. But will every gaming device be suitable for your three year old child? Of Course not! That’s why we have brought here some of the best game console for 3 years old.

We have chosen the consoles considering a lot of facts. Also, we have compared many specifications to serve you with the best.


When it comes to your children, we know that you won’t consider the quality. For this reason, now we are going to share a few amazing gaming consoles for your little baby.

After reading this article, the choice of a game console for your baby will be more comfortable for you. Also, we will share what you should look for before buying one. Without getting delayed, let’s get started!

An overview of special features:

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Top choices for the Best Game console for 3 year old Kids

Your baby can’t hold the gaming console if it’s too heavy. That’s why we recommend this lightweight game console. Your little baby won’t get fatigued or arm pain even after playing for hours.


Also, it is designed suitably to give your kid the most enjoyment. Your kid will never feel bored because it has 220 amazing games collection.

Moreover, you don’t have to take the hassle to recharge it constantly, because it comes with a battery-powered system. Your kid will not be able to disturb you because it’s built with a volume button to give you the topnotch comfort. Furthermore, your baby will like the wide and colorful display.


Another amazing thing about this one is, it is a portable game console. So, when you are traveling, you can keep your kid busy with it.

While partying, your little babies will have something amazing to keep themselves busy. From arcade to adventure, your kid will get every type of game from this game console. It is meant to give your child a wonderful experience of gaming.


But don’t worry that this wonderful gaming piece’s price will be higher than usual because of the specifications. You will get it in amazing specialties.



Do you want to give your kid the experience of a handful of games? Here is the opportunity. This game console is built with 500 different types of games for you.


From fight games to race games, you will get everything in it. An amazing thing about this game player is you can let your two kids play in it at a time. Because it allows two players together.

You will get a gamepad from it too. Your kid will be able to enjoy lovely video games using this gaming console. The wide enough display allows your kid to enjoy the gaming to the fullest.


Moreover, the battery, which is included in it, has a great power capacity to serve your baby for an extended period. You can do your other work giving it to your kid.

In addition, it provides up to six hours of playtime. Your kid will be busy with this console, and you will feel no disturbance at all. If you are looking for a perfect gift to give to your child, think less and buy this one.


The easy portability is another amazing feature of this game console. So far, you can consider it as one of the best game console for kids.



When you want to give your kid the real feeling of gaming, you can get this one. The LCD screen provides amazing resolution while gaming.


The slim design allows you to make your kid happy. If you are looking for an amazing gift to give to your child, you can consider this one. Also, as kids’ products do not stay good for a longer period, you will get an extended warranty for your game console.

This game console allows your kid to experience the versatility of playing games. In case you fail to explore it properly without a guide, it includes a proper instruction guide with it. All 400 classic games that it includes are unique and uncommon. Your baby will enjoy this game console to the fullest.

You can charge it quickly and lightly anytime. So no matter where you are, your kid will be able to play using it. Another impressive thing is, you can connect it to your TV.


As a result, your kid will get extraordinary facilities for gaming. Furthermore, if your budget is low, you can get this one. It comes at a really low price. Along with your kid, you can play using it too.



Every parent wants to provide their child with the best playing experience. In order to serve you with that, this game console is just amazing.


You will get 416 gaming options from this game console. It has an amazing power backup for your kid. The most impressive thing is, it provides 48 hours of power for your kid after charging it for once.

Also, you can recharge it using three types of cables. No matter what cable you have, you will always get an option to recharge it.


Besides, it is built with all-around protection for the device. From overcharging to short circuit, it has protective built for everything. If you don’t like any setup, you can easily reset it using the reset button. Your kid will have a great time playing with this game console.

Furthermore,  the high-resolution screen allows anyone to get the perfect experience ever possible. The outer sheller of this game console is made of ABS plastic.


As a result, you will have a durable experience from the material. You will be able to adjust the volume in this game console. The games of this game console are very swiftly playable. So, your kid won’t face any trouble while playing.



Your kid will love this game console’s color choices. The versatile color options serve you to choose from your personal preference. Also, it is built in a very good manner.


You will like the outlook of this device a lot. Also, the big screen will be a favorite for your baby. An extensive feature that it provides is you can connect it to your TV and play. So you know how enjoyable an experience it can provide to your child.

You will get every instruction to use it as well as every required cable. The total size of this game console is 2.5 inch which can be easily held by your kid.


Moreover, the weight is so less as a result; your kid won’t find it painful to hold it. The amazing adjustability is enjoyable for everyone. Even you can play using this game console anytime along with your kid.

It will take you back to your childhood. Overall, the appearance is meant to satisfy your taste preferences. While looking for game consoles for toddlers, you can surely consider this one.


It’s very suitable for kids of three years who love to explore new things. In a final analysis, we liked everything about this game console a lot.



Most of the game consoles come in almost in the same look. But when you are looking for something unique, you can notice this one. Because this game console comes in a unique and impressive look.


You will get convenient usage from it as well. The colorful appearance won’t fail to attract your child. Your kid will be very busy with it if you get this one.

From extended playtime to amazing options to play, it can serve you with everything. Also, it has eight different gaming options. You can play different types of games like arcade, logic, and even graphic games. 


So, even if you are traveling on a plane or car, your kid will be able to play using it. The main power supply option of this game console is the batteries. As a result, it’s easily rechargeable whenever needed.

Besides, the built-in speaker allows you to control the volume whenever you like to. Nobody likes colorful screens more than a three year old kid


—That’s why it can serve you with an amazing colorful display which comes in a good resolution. When you want the easiest game console to play, you have to get this one. Your child will be able to play effortlessly using this super basic game console.



Who doesn’t like a smart device? Especially when you can get an amazing smart device at a really reasonable price, no one will be happier than you. The convention and smart usage of this game console will surely catch the attention of your child.


It has every amazing feature for impressing anyone. Also, the matte black color is very beautiful to look at. When your kid holds this one, he/she will feel the instant pleasure.

This game console is built with 168 different gaming options. Your baby can play whichever he/she likes to. Besides, it’s built with an extra-powerful 850 mAh battery, which allows a longer playtime.


Furthermore, the compact build and lightweight allows you to take it anywhere with you. So no matter where you go, your kid will always be happy to play with it. You can use it as one of the best game console for 3 year old babies.

Another impressive thing is, in order to protect your child’s vision, it has a longer data line. So, now you don’t have to worry even if your baby plays for a long time. Furthermore, it is available in two languages. 


You can switch to your preferred language anytime. You can take it as the best game console for family because your family can play using it too. To conclude, the high-end gaming experience of this game console will serve you until the end.



Things to consider while buying the best game console for 3 year old

Buying something new for your kid is always troublesome. The slightest mistake can bring the greatest problem. 


In order to save you from any further trouble, now we are going to share a few issues that you should check before buying your game console. Let’s dive into it!

❏      Game type: which game does your child like to play the most? Is your child an arcade love or adventure? You need to know the specific choice of games that your kid likes to play before buying the game console. 


Otherwise, you will see that the game console that you have bought is not meant to serve him/her properly. Then your whole money will go in vain. Though kids game consoles provide all gaming options altogether, yet it is better to check before than regretting later. 


That’s why it’s suggested checking the details of games on your game console that you are willing to buy. Also, if you plan to play with your baby, check if the games match your preference or not.   

❏      Budget: everyone has a specific budget when it comes to buying something new. Usually, kids’ game consoles do not cost a lot.

But yet you should always compare the price according to the specifications. If you research properly, you will get a lot of options in your price and preference. So don’t settle up for less, either check wisely. If possible, seek expert help.

We have mentioned some of the top game console models above. You can choose one of those too. Otherwise, if you have any specific choice, don’t forget to know the specifications beforehand.

❏      Performance: your kid won’t play with the game console for even the shortest time if it doesn’t perform well. So, always try to get the best graphics and LCD screen to give the most amazing experience to your child. 


With good performance, your kid won’t feel any less of the game console. On the other hand, if you buy a game console that has less performance ability, then it won’t be that much enjoyable for your kid. 


If you research the performance before buying the game console, you won’t feel disappointed later. As for good gaming experience, good performance is a must.  

❏      Power source: the power source of your gaming console should be a matter to consider. You should get a game console that is battery powered. Battery-powered game consoles allow you to use it effortlessly. 


Also, these game consoles provide amazing playtime. Moreover, the charging process is hassle-free too. In order to get the most convenient experience, always choose a game console that has a battery power supply option.  

❏      Volume control: if you can’t control the volume of the game console, the excess volume can sometimes be very irritating to you. That’s why you should always choose a game console with a volume control option available.


So that you can decrease or increase the volume as you like to. The volume control option will allow you to enjoy both quiet and up beating experiences. Also, few game consoles have earphone plugging systems. If possible, you can get a game console that has this feature.  

❏      Portability: the portability feature will allow your kid to take the game console anywhere. Sometimes, when you go on traveling, it becomes tough to manage your kid. 


But if you buy a game console that has portability features, you can take it with you, and whenever your child disturbs you, you can give it to him/her. This feature is essential to be present in all the game consoles. 

❏      Connectivity: if you have any intention to connect your game console to your tv and play, then obviously you should look for the connectivity option from it. 


You can play on a widescreen if you connect the game console to your tv. But all of the game consoles do not come with this facility. That’s why you have to look for it while buying the game console if you want this feature.  

❏      Multiple players playing option: what will you do if your two children fight over a single game console? It will be very annoying, right? 


Don’t worry, and many game consoles have ports for different players. So, without any fights, your children can play in a single gaming console at a time. It will help you if you want to play family games using your kid’s gaming console.

Wrapping up

Now that you have read this article properly, you now know about some of the best game console for 3 year old.


We hope that this article will help you to get the best product for you. Remember all the pieces of information that we have provided and remember those while buying. 

Also, we have suggested some of the best products deriving from a lot of options. Now all you have to do is just compare your preferred specifications and get the right game console for you. Good luck with making your kid happy with the most amazing product.

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