10 Best Baby Shoes For Wide Feet

Are you disappointed that your baby has wide or extra wide feet and you can’t seem to find shoes that are not enough wide to the shape of your baby’s feet? Do you feel like you always have a hard time putting your baby’s shoes on, and when you take them off there are always red marks on your baby’s feet? Be sure that you will find out the best Baby Shoes for Wide Feet for your baby’s.

Certainly important to have baby shoes that are fit in all types of events. Shoes should be comfortable and provide protection to toddlers again falling and slipping. Baby feet grow very quickly so that select pair of shoes that run wider and are easy to put on and off. Before going online and purchase the extra wide baby shoes.

Before purchasing the shoes you might confirm the fit size, look out, and check the best children’s shoes for wide feet. It’s quite a hard time for parents to have the best collection for their baby shoes to put them easily. Make sure walking shoes are enough precise than previous and gorgeous look for chubby feet.

In a hurry? Here are 3 products we picked out by the average customer review!


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chubby baby feet SHOES

This shoe:

  • Best shoes for chubby baby feet
  • Best shoes for early walkers

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Toddler first walking shoes

This shoe:

  • Best shoes for a 1-year-old walker
  • Best shoes for beginning walkers
  • Toddler first walking shoes

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Best infant shoe

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  • Baby boy first walking shoes

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What are the best walking shoes for Wide Feet

Stride Rite Soft Motion Bambi Sneaker – Best for Infant/Toddler Shoes

Overall, these are the best shoes for chubby baby feet and for good reasons. First, we love that the shoes feature oversize openings for easy slip-on. Also, they are equipped with flexible outsoles, soft memory foam lines, and a protective sole.

Nike Kids’ Revolution 4 (TDV) – Best Running Shoe for Wide Feet

If you’re looking for the best baby boy first walking shoes, this pair is worth considering. Some of its best features include breathable upper, lightweight and flexible outsole, excellent arch support, and durable sole. 

ikiki Squeaky Shoes for Toddlers – Best Shoe with On/Off Squeaker Switch

This is yet another pair of great shoes for chubby baby feet and for many reasons. The shoes have a wide opening and a single-strap design that accommodates both narrow and wide feet. More so, they are made from breathable materials.

Nike Boy’s Tanjun Running Shoes – Best Comfortable Toddler Tanjun Shoes

Do you have kids with big feet? Here is a good pair of comfortable shoes that are versatile. It boasts a padded collar, breathable mesh upper, durable rubber outsole, and a fabric lining for maximum comfort. 

Stride Rite Kids Sophie – The Best Baby Girl’s Adjustable Suede Boot Ankle

The Stride Rite Kids Sophie is considered to be the best shoes for early walkers. Not just because they are easy to put on and off but also for their rounded edges. The edges simply help minimize falls and stumbles. 

Baby Shoes Boy Girl Infant Sneakers – Best Non-Slip First Walkers 6 9 12 18 24 Months

These are probably the best infant shoes thanks to their sock-like upper, non-slip soles, and high breathability. Not to mention, they boast a stretchy knit collar for quick and easy slip-on plus a toe cap for added protection. 

Royal Victory – Best Slip-on PU Leather Crib Shoes for Toddler

The Royal Victory sneakers are designed with an anti-slip sole and are also lightweight to make walking feel natural. Also, they are pretty versatile as they can be used both indoors and outdoors for walking, crawling, or playing. 

Mesh Light Weight Athletic – Best Baby’s Running Walking Casual Shoes

When it comes to the best shoes for toddlers with thick feet, these sneakers are an excellent choice. The shoes come with a light and flexible rubber sole, breathable mesh fabric, and a toe cap for added protection. 

Walking Sports Sneakers – Best Choice Infant Running Walking Sports Sneakers

One of the best features of these sneakers is the adjustable hook and loop closure that allow easy on and off. Also, they come with an elastic band, a breathable lining to minimize sweating, and a durable rubber sole. 

Nike Kids Revolution – Best Comfortable Sneaker for Infants

What really stands out about these sneakers is their minimalistic design. As such, they are ideal for both boys and girls. On top of that, the shoes feature a soft foam midsole, breathable mesh upper, and responsive cushioning.

Find Out the best baby shoe size by age

Our team makes this guide by deeply resourcing. Here is a general guide to finding out your baby shoe size by age (this should be taken as an estimate only since the most effective method to know your baby’s exact foot size is to measure them).

  • 0-3 months: Size 1
  • 3-6 months: Size 2
  • 6-9 months: Size 2.5 or 3
  • 9-12 months: Size 3.5 or 4
  • 12-18 months: Size 4.5 or 5
  • 18-24 months: Size 5.5 or 6

10 Best Baby Shoes For Wide Feet List

1. Stride Rite Soft Motion Bambi Sneaker – Best For Infant/Toddler Shoes

Stride Rite Soft Motion Bambi Sneaker

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Key Features:

  • It is 100% Leather
  • The two-tone leather sneaker featuring an adjustable hook-and-loop strap at vamp and sweet stitched butterflies at the sides
  • It has also the Rubber sole
  • Fit perfect

These shoes are great! Worth the money for a great, quality, well-made pair of first walking shoes. If you haven’t tried Stride-rites, you should. It helps your child build their balance. Also, it ensures quality because it is made of leather. 

You love these Bambi sneakers because they are a neutral color that goes well with most babies outfits. They are also super easy to put on and lightweight. The rubber sole helps in strong balance and the sole is not slippery at all. As a result, your baby can walk with the greatest comfort without falling down.

Hook-and-loop closure is super secure for babies to keep the shoes in their feet as they tend to throw the shoe away. This shoe comes with this closure system for your extended benefit. These Baby Shoes For Wide Feet do not create any soreness in your baby’s feet, so your little champ can learn to walk without any pain. 


  • It is Utmost comfort
  • Very easy to put on
  • Perfect choice of your babies for outdoor
  • This shoe upper portion is very soft
  • Outstanding closure system


  • Its have a Different size from other sneakers

2. Nike Kids’ Revolution 4 (TDV) – Best Running Shoe For Wide Feet

Best Running Shoe For Wide Feet

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Light, washable, easy for my toddler to put on herself. Sole isn’t as thick as most of the “toddler” brands, which is great, The baby can run easier and climb better because they’re more flexible this way and he/she can actually feel things like rungs and climbing walls through them. Love these. The baby plays hard in his shoes and they hold up great, expecting her to hold up just as well.

The rubber sole helps your baby to walk comfortably and confidently in any situation. Especially when your toddler is just learning to walk, this shoe is highly beneficial for those times. The low-top from the arch ensures proper arch support to your baby’s feet to keep it safe. 

The upper portion of this shoe is made of Mesh which makes sure of the breathability of your kids’ feet. As a result, your baby’s feet will remain sweat-free and won’t get excessively warm. Also, the shoe comes in lightweight so your baby can easily move his/her feet.


  • These are adorable shoes that fit as expected.
  • Very light and good shoes.
  • light, cute colors, velcro, comfy.
  • Perfect size and easy to tighten
  • Lets your baby have the confidence in walk


  • Do not run longer

3. ikiki Squeaky Shoes for Toddlers with – Best Shoe With On/Off Squeaker Switch

Product Features

  • The shoes are pretty roomy but easy to adjust for all feet
  • The shoes are so cute and of great quality

This shoe works great! You can find that your baby wore his usual size but the shoes seem to be a bit wider which is great for little chubby toddler feet. You often find some shoes are too narrow or tight or uncomfortable for your babies. These fit great!

These do have good traction, these were designed to help kids learn to walk and part of that is making sure they stay upright. It’s not the same as the dots you described, its more of a textured wave design. It’s on half the sole of the shoe.

From texture to quality, everything is awesome in this shoe. If you want your baby to walk confidently, you have to grab this shoe. This is the best one among all the other options for babies who are just learning how to walk. With our personal experience, we have seen this shoe performing the best service for years. Undoubtedly, it will be an incredible option for you within the budget. 
With available numerous color options, your baby’s styling will be awesome with this shoe. Besides, you will get the best fitting than any other shoes from this brand. The included liner intact ensures the secured fitting of this shoe so that this shoe doesn’t come off when your baby walks. So far, it is one of the best children’s shoes for wide feet.


  • If you are looking for the best children’s shoes for wide feet? You can choose it.
  • The shoes are fit well
  • It is flexible soles
  • Easy to get on and off
  • Built for outstanding comfort


  • Extra-wide

4. Nike – Best Comfortable Toddler Tanjun Shoes

Best Comfortable Toddler Tanjun Shoes

Product Features

  • It is Super comfy shoes!
  • These shoes are also light, breathable, and stylish
  • Easy to take on and off

You love these shoes for your baby. you love the color and the easiness of slipping his foot in and just adjusting the velcro. You do wish the strings were adjustable so you could tie it for the added security against him kicking it off but so far he hasn’t tried to do so, or at least you haven’t seen it. But you were more than pleased with my purchase.

The synthetic and leather material makes this shoe well-durable. Even if your baby keeps wearing this for a longer time, he/she won’t feel any fatigue. Also, the good fitting won’t cause any redness or soreness in your baby’s feet. Also, it serves well breathability in the feet to provide the utmost comfort. 

This shoe never bothers the children so if your baby is not so of a shoe person, and you can get this and see the magical change. Your baby won’t want to take it off because of the supreme comfort. Moreover, the excellent design just matches every outfit of your baby. So you can get this one without any doubt.


  • It is comfy and stretchy
  • The shoes you can use in summer warmer weather
  • It quickly absorbs sweat
  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Excellent design


  • It is identical to the large size version

5. Stride Rite Kids Sophie – The Best Baby Girl’s Adjustable Suede Boot Ankle

Product Features

  • It is deep flex groves
  • These shoes are flexible
  • It is so warm

Very cute and comfortable for early walkers and young toddlers. These are the most adorable boots. They fit so well and are so cute on. They are made especially for new walkers. They have a soft, memory foam type footbed. They have sparkles and are pink so what more could you want?

You like this shoe for your little girl- it’s simple and quick to take her with you and warm and she has Good balance in the so we recommend family to get these for the kids to either be quick or to play in them! It is made of 100% Leather so there is nothing to worry about the durability. 

Besides, the well-measured ankle-high from the arch makes sure of maintaining your baby’s posture. Also, this feature is very useful in maintaining proper balance while walking. Also, the rounded edges also help in maintaining balance. The memory foam insole is made for ensuring superior comfort to the baby’s feet. 


  • The shoes are comfortable and stray on
  • The shoes are soft memory foam type a footbed
  • It is very cute and helpful for early walkers and young toddlers
  • Superior comfort
  • Matches almost every outfit


  • These shoes are extra-wide

6. Baby Shoes Boy Girl Infant Sneakers – Best Non-Slip First Walkers 6 9 12 18 24 Months

Product Features

  • The shoes is rubber sole
  • It is very flexible
  • It is so pretty and easy to adjust for all feet

Great little shoes. A little difficult to get on. But they stay on once they are and baby walks around fine in them. You like that they are breathable and protect the feet. They are also very lightweight which is easier for the baby to use.

These are perfect for my 13 months old who just started walking. They’re easy to slip on and they don’t fall off too easily either. The baby can walk great in these when you out and about, or when your baby playing outside. They’re also an adorable blush pink color in person which you love!

It has a stretchy knit collar to ensure the feet’s supreme comfort and support. Besides, it has a toe cap to provide more protection to your baby’s toes. The high breathability feature gives the baby comfort, so your baby won’t insist on taking this shoe off after using it for a long time. Along with this, it successfully prevents your baby from slipping with its fantastic outsoles.


  • The shoes booton cushion is soft
  • It is very cute and seen to be breathable
  • Easy to take on and off
  • The mesh top is perfect for warm weather.
  • Firm enough to walk comfortably


  • The only con is since there’s no velcro (there is velcro on the side, but not really used to put them on and off)

7. Royal Victory – Best Slip on PU Leather Crib Shoes for Toddler

Product Features

  • It has soft, lightweight and anti -sole
  • It is flexible
  • These shoes are pretty and durable

These shoes are absolutely adorable! It can be used only two months old baby. These shoes are Velcro shoes, which makes them easy to put on and remove as an adult, but challenging for a baby to take off due to their lack of fine motor skills, so that’s a good thing.

The shoe design is cute (pink, brown, and white) and they seem to be made well, so I am happy with them. Great shoe for the early walkers. It doesn’t come off when walking around or in and out of the car seat. Not too tight or hard of a shoe for little feet. These shoes are wide, which was good for my chubby little one.

The upper part of this shoe is made of high-quality PU Leather. It ensures well breathability and comfort. You can make your baby wear it for an extended period because it comes with amazing quality. If you want to give comfort to your baby, you have to get this shoe. Because the soft, lightweight, and anti-slip sole allows superb comfort for your baby.


  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Fit size
  • These shoes are good quality
  • Holding up nicely
  • Super easy to put on and take off!
  • If you are looking for the best children’s shoes for wide feet. It is one of the best.


  • Do not run longer

8. Mesh Light Weight Athletic – Best Baby’s Running Walking Casual Shoes

Product Features

  • It is soft and comfortable
  • Perfect for all seasons and outdoor activity
  • It is quickly absorbing sweat
  • It is super breathable

These shoes are very nice for toddlers that are learning to walk or already walking. They are soft and the toes bend easily. The rubber sole does not slip or slide. Easy to slip on and off. One important thing to know is due to runs small.

Great shoes! Velcro strap makes putting these shoes on and off very easy. The rubber sole provides extended protection against slipping. So if your baby is learning how to walk, this will be the perfect pair of shoes for him/her.  The wearing process is super easy and convenient, so your baby won’t annoy you while earring this. Also, he/she won’t insist on taking it off after wearing it. 

This breathable material made shoe is usable on any occasion with any outfit. No matter what the season is, your child will love wearing this all the time. Some kids have feet sweating problems, which creates a bad smell afterward. But if you get this one, you won’t face this problem because of the quickly absorbing feature of this shoe.


  • These shoes are protecting kids from a hard object
  • These shoes are preventing slippery wear-resisting soles
  • These shoes are pretty roomy to adjust for all feet
  • Made of breathable materials
  • Sweat-proof service


  • Different size from other sneakers

9. Walking Sports Sneakers – Best Choice Infant Running Walking Sports Sneakers

Product Features

  • It is stabilized support
  • These shoes are cut a little wider than regular, which keeps babies feet comfy instead of squished
  • These shoes are Synthetic sole
  • It is stylish and comfortable
  • So pretty and easy to take on and off

These shoes are awesome! It is fit well and is well constructed so they don’t fall apart with all the running around our toddler does. Other brands of shoes we have tried developed holes in the soles very quickly, but this brand and these shoes have stood up to very active play outside.

These shoes are nice and roomy for the baby and lightweight so she can run around with no problem. The velcro strap is also a plus as it is easy to open and close but be careful to tighten enough or they can fall off.

This shoe comes with a breathable knit to ensure a sweatproof walk. Keeping the feet dry is a unique feature that this shoe serves. Your baby will like this shoe because of its outstanding comfort. The comfort that it serves is caused by the material used in it. It’s super high quality with every needed feature for babies. It helps you to make your baby wear it quickly with its adjustable hook and loop closure.


  • Comfortable and perfect walking shoes
  • Deep flex grooves
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Secured closure system


  • Low color quality

10. Nike Kids Revolution – Best Comfortable Sneaker For Infants

Product Features

  • Highly recommended extra wide toddles feet shoes
  • Deep flex grooves
  • Fite size

These shoes are truly wonderful. They fit both narrower and wider feet, the squeaking sounds are adorable, the “off” switch works 100% of the time, they’re very easy to put on, and the toddlers haven’t been able to pull them off. And while the kids have needed to go up a size in Croc boots, they can still fit in these shoes. Truly the perfect toddler shoe.

This shoe is made of a Mesh upper that increases the breathability inside the feet. This feature is necessary for extended comfort in wearing this shoe for a longer period. As a result, your baby won’t feel irritated wearing this and won’t insist you take it off. It includes a Soft foam midsole that makes this shoe lightweight. 

Because of the lightweight, your baby can walk with supreme comfort. Moreover, it is great to use in any season and weather. The responsive cushioning uniquely supports the ankle and lets your baby have the perfect balance and posture. If your baby is sporty, it will match her choice to the endpoint.


  • Comfortable and perfect walking shoes for toddler
  • Easy to wash
  • It is easy to put on and off
  • It is flexible
  • It is the other best children’s shoes for wide feet and size free shoe.


  • Different size from other sneakers

Final Word

There are several baby shoes are available in the market. When you choose the extra wide baby shoes for your baby, you may get confused about which one to buy because there are similar features and a lack of knowledge on the baby’s shoes.

Our list of best baby shoes for wide feet is enough perfect so that you might go for anyone. Every product has its own pros and cons. But in the market, all these are rating well so that parents might go for any of them.

So we publish this article. As a result, you can save your money as well as get the best seller baby shoes for wide feet in the marketplace. All these are perfect fit, flexible, and comes with leather and synthetic sole. Which provides adjustable features with hook and loop closure.

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