Top 14 best baby walkers for bigger babies in 2021

When your baby is making those first steps, you need to be there to support him when necessary. Are baby walker safe for development? Unfortunately, that’s not always convenient for parents and that’s when baby walkers for bigger babies come into play. It provides support to the baby and enhances their sense of balance. There are a lot of models that also provide sound and light entertainment for the baby, which improves stimulation and motor skills.

Our expert team analyzed thousands of customer reviews, advantages, and disadvantage stylish and trendy top 10 best baby walkers with big wheels which is helpful for bigger babies available on the market. Take a tour of the whole content and choose your best fits.

In a hurry? Here’s 3 products we picked out by the average customer review!

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1. Joovy Spoon Walker – The Best Baby Walker For Carpet

If you’re looking for the best baby walker for carpet then our expert recommends Joovy Spoon Walker is the top class baby walker for carpet.

This Joovy Spoon Walker is a high-end contemporary design walker. The idea behind this walker is to design a very aesthetically pleasing and combine a high chair and a walker.

This walker does not have lights and sounds entertainment console like most Walker’s, but it does have a very large dishwasher safe removable tray here and also the integrated plastic tray inside the walker itself, which is very accessible. The goal is to combine the two products in this latest version of Joovy’s Infant Walker.

It is aimed to be a high chair as well as Walker. So eating, playing as well as walking training are accomplished with one product. The seat pad is very soft and has a lot of cushions back.

The fabric somewhat rigid, but it is soft and comfortable and the entire seat fabric comes out and it’s machine washable. This walker has three height adjustments and a full flat fold. To fold the walker, you simply twist the folding mechanism, lean it forward, and then Walker will fold completely flat. One thing that is noticeable about the Joovy Spoon Walker is if the wheels are a little bit bigger than most walker rails. So we can imagine that these wheels would have an easier time on heavy, thick carpet or tall carpet.


  • Have a very large dishwasher and plastic tray inside
  • Machine washable
  • This walker has three height adjustments
  • The seat pad is very soft
  • Combine a high chair and a walker
  • Once it hangs it will fold easily


  • Not ideal for smaller places

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2. Bright Starts Floral Friends Walker- The Best Walker With Big Wheels

Disney Winnie The Pooh Music and Lights baby walkers for bigger babies offer sturdy wheels works well on floors and carpets alike while the grip strips reduce walker movement on uneven surfaces. That is why it is one of the best walkers with big wheels.

2 swing-open activity trays with 4 fun Winnie the Pooh themed toys and 12 songs that your kid loves those Disney characters very well and is easily exposed to reveal a snack tray for little treats or other toys.

With a machine-washable padded seat cleaning the Walker is as easy as ABC. Also, the activity trays swing to the side to reveal a substantial snack and play plate that’s perfect for a quick nosh or to use with baby’s own favorite playthings. Besides, you’ll love the machine-washable padded seat that makes cleanup easy when the play is done for the day. And offers 3postions height adjustment.


  • Including 4 fun Winnie, the Pooh themed toys
  • 2 swing-open activity trays with 12 songs
  • Offers 3postions height adjustment
  • Machine-washable padded seat


  • Does Not work for under 4 months kids

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3. A Bout Walker – The Walker With Best Features

The entertainment baby walker is The Bright Starts Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Walker. You’ll get some non-electronic toys in the walker which make some clicking sounds. And if you spend the steering wheel, it makes a similar noise. Your baby loves those winsome features.

And then it also has a horn in the middle of the steering wheel, which is electronic and makes a few noises and plays some songs. The entertainment console does have an on-off switch and volume control, so there’s on-off and then there are two volume settings.

The entertainment console is removable by attaching these tabs to the bottom and revealing an integrated snack tray.

The seat pad is somewhat thin and has almost no padding on the back. This doesn’t mean that it would be uncomfortable for your child, but it might not be quite as comfortable as some of the higher-end baby walkers.

The seat pad is removable and washable. This baby walker has several height adjustments and also holds the ability flat to fold the walker. You simply twist the folding mechanism and the walker will fold completely flat.


  • The seat pad is removable and washable
  • Several height adjustments
  • On-off switch and volume control


  • It is not working in the carpet

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4. Caterpillar & Friends Discovery Walker -The Best One With Light Ocean Sounds

The Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker comes with a unique elliptical frame, which gives your busy baby a sturdy platform that lets them follow their sense of adventure and safely cruise around the house. The best thing about this baby walker is that it was made while keeping your child’s ultimate safety in mind so that you can leave your baby in it and be assured that they are totally safe.

With loops for baby’s favorite toys and a steering wheel that stimulates lights and ocean sounds. Little ones are happily entertained. It has a built-in tray that gives baby plenty of room to add extra toy passengers.

Also, the high back seat provides additional support for baby and easily wipes clean, and the infant walker adjusts in height as babies grow and explore the world around them. Besides, the walker adjusts in height as babies grow and explore the world around them. The steering wheel activates lights and ocean sounds.


  • Comes with a unique elliptical frame
  • The high back seat provides additional support
  • Removable toy station


  • The wheels should be cleaned after using a few days

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5. 2-in-1 Activity Toddler and Baby Walker – The Most Flexible Baby Walker

This 2-in-1 Activity Toddler and Baby Walker the entertainment console. On this Walker does not have any electronics, but it does have a cool non-electronic toy. It spins around and has a small mirror on it. And also, you really like this because the toys stay in place and there’s also a snack tray and a little Sippy cup holder. So your child can play with these toys while having a snack and a Sippy cup on.

The seat pad of this baby walker is very deep and the material is soft. So, if your baby wants something really comfortable, this is undoubtedly one of the best baby walkers for babies. Also, this product is extremely reliable while ensuring the highest safety of your child. 

There’s a lot of padding back and it’s very flexible. So you like that it’s not too rigid and would be very comfortable for your baby. It’s completely removable and washable.

One great feature about this Walker made of plastic but foldable. This walker, however, if you press its little button and pull this trunk and folds down then simply folded into itself and it’s completely foldable, which allows it to travel with you or be stowed away into a closet. So this walker is a two in one baby walker. And in this case, what that means is that you have to do the normal setup for your child to sit in the seat and learn how to walk.


  • Have a cool non-electronic toy.
  • It’s completely removable and washable.
  • One great feature about this Walker made of plastic but foldable.


  • No Cons Available

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6. KidsEmbrace Batman Baby Activity WalkerThe Best Baby Walker With Side Pieces

The Batman Baby Activity Walker is a high-end baby walker for bigger babies that has two and one functionality. So it’s a part baby walker and also a part baby jumper. The entertainment console on this walker is really cool. It has some manual actions such as the steering wheel spinning. A lot of baby walkers have rearview mirrors, but don’t actually have the mirror material inside of the rearview mirrors. So it’s nice to actually see that attention.

One thing that is noticeable on the first appearance with this walker are these side pieces that look like hydraulics. And actually, this is the functionality in the pieces that allow this walker to become a jumper as well. It’s not easy to stow away in a closet or to travel with. But it is really nice because it has that jumper functionality. So you’d have to decide which one is more important, the extra functionality or being able to store it away and travel with it.


  • It’s completely machine washable
  • Walker can be collapsed and folded for easy storage
  • Ideal for 6to18 months babies and weighing up to 26lbs


  • The rearview mirrors color are blue

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7. Minnie Mouse Music and Lights Baby Walker – The Best Simple Designed Baby Walker

This baby walker is a joint venture between Safety First and Disney and takes one of the basic safety first Walker platforms and adds a few cool premium features to this baby walker. The thing that really sets this baby walker apart is the activity tray. This tray usually closes it and reveals a snack tray. Like most walkers, you can take the entertainment console with you.

But on this walker, you actually pull these triggers underneath here and it opens up and it’s adjustable. So you can go all the way open or just halfway up and are one side. The fabric is removable and washable. It is very tall and only has a ton of cushions and padding here. So it’s definitely going to be very soft and comfortable for your baby.

This walker has 3 height adjustable positions and also folds completely flat. To fold the walker, you simply press the buttons next to the folding process. Tilt for folds completely flat. These features are what makes this baby walker an ideal choice for your baby girl. Also,  if you are looking for the best baby shower gifts for girls, this baby walker can be a great option for you.


  • The fabric is removable and washable
  • It is very tall
  • 3 height adjustable positions


  • Takes 30 minutes to set up

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8. Safety 1st Baby WalkerThe Softest Baby Walker

Safety 1st Baby Walker is an entry-level price point baby walker with a basic design, but they really put a lot of time into the entertainment console and it has some really interesting functionality.

So this is probably one of the coolest trades I’ve seen on a baby walker. The primary functionality of playthings and electronics and everything it has. A chew toy, which is kind of cool and different spending ball. But the cool part about this walker and this tray is that instead of trade that would normally pop off and reveal a snack tray below. Being able to travel with you in a car or a stroller. To open up the entertainment console, to reveal the snack tray, you simply pull these levers which are under the snack tray.

The seat fabric is removable and washable. It’s pretty comfortable for an opening price point. Baby Walker, you wouldn’t expect a ton here.

The back has a bit of cushion here and the fabric is quite soft and comfortable. This walker has three height-adjustable positions and is perfectly flat for folding the walker.


  • The seat fabric is removable and washable
  • The fabric is quite soft and comfortable
  • 3 height-adjustable positions
  • Perfectly flat for folding


  • Not comfortable for short babies

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9. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker – The Most Interactive Baby Walker

The VA Tech sit to stand to learn Walker features spinning gears, five piano keys, three colorful rollers, three light-up shapes orders, three light-up buttons and a telephone handset that Offers endless fun that will encourage your child to learn and improve their motor skills. So, this product has made its place in our best baby walkers list because of the fun activities it comes with. 

It has five keys to play musical notes and encourage play. Also, it offers spinning rollers, turning gears, shapes so as, and light-up buttons that develop motor skills. It provides a colorful, interactive panel that can be removed from the walker for floor play fun with a barnyard of playful friends to cheer them on. When your little one learn to walk they will have endless fun


  • The seat fabric is removable and washable
  • From those playthings, your child learns and improves their motor skills.


  • Comfortable for babies and toddlers 9 months to 3 years old

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10. Baby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony WalkerThe Strongest Baby Walker

Brighten your baby’s staying with a caterpillar and friends Discovery Walker from Baby Einstein. Moms love the sturdy platform that’s full of activities to keep baby entertained and on the move. Babies love the freedom of moving around the house. And this platform is a favorite of moms everywhere. The removable toy station is great for floor time play even as the baby gets older. So, do you know a nervous dad who is both excited to see his first child and scared at the same time? Well, you can brighten and lighten his mood with this cute baby walker. So, it can be one of the best baby shower gifts for dad!

Plus, Baby Einstein enriches babies playtime with content that counts like classical melodies, colors, and numbers. Language, discovery, lights, and sounds. And beloved Baby Einstein characters. The three-position height adjustment keeps baby comfortable and provides plenty of room for growth. And the baby is supported by this high seat back leaves Baby Einstein friends will inspire your baby for a journey of discovery and emotion. Baby Einstein, great minds start little.


  • 3-position height adjustment
  • Machine washable


  • Not made for short babies

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11. Baby Trend Trend 2.0 Activity Walker – The Best Baby Walker With Height Adjustment. 

It can happen that your baby’s growth is better than most kids that age and he/she can easily outgrow most of the baby walkers available in the market. But there is nothing for you to worry about since this one comes with a height adjustment option for your child making it the best baby walker for tall babies.

How will it feel if you get food and a toy bar in the same place for your baby? Awesome, right? You will get this feature in this baby walker. Amazingly, the toy bar is removable. So, even if your kid makes the tray dirty, you can clean it up by removing the tray. As babies tend to make things dirty a lot, it is a handy feature for the parents.

Often, some baby walkers do not provide the service of height adjustment. As a result, the baby walker doesn’t match the height of the baby. With this one, you can adjust the height for up to three positions.

Again, you will notice that some baby walkers are not stable enough. As a result, your baby may fall again and again. In that case, this one is built in a unique way. You will get an extra-wide base, which provides amazing stability. So, there is nothing to hold your back from taking the proper care of your baby if you get this one.


  • Easy to clean
  • Beautiful & unique design
  • Amazing height adjustability
  • Extra-wide and stable base
  • Comes with a removable toy bar


  • Quite difficult to set-up

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12. Baby Trend Trend Walker Zoo-geometry – The Best Foldable Baby Walker

When is the walker already filled with toys, who would want to buy additional toys? Exactly! This walker comes with cute toys that can catch the attention of your baby for a longer period.

Not only that but also you can remove and clean the whole toy tray if you want. So, even if your baby makes the tray dirty after playing with it constantly, there will be no health issues. Moreover, this baby walker is built with back pads, so using it for an extended period won’t cause any pain or fatigue to your kid. Another great this is this baby walker foldable.

Most of the time, if the space is small, parents fall into great trouble in storing the baby walker. But no more worries, as this one has the foldable feature, you can easily carry and fold it anywhere.

In addition, if you want a super stable performance for the greatest safety of your baby, you should rely on this one. While looking for a baby walker for the carpet, you can consider this.


  • Good for using on carpet
  • Stable service
  • Provides amazing safety
  • Easy to store
  • Fits any area


  • Fails to close sometimes

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13. Grow 4-in-1 Baby WalkerThe Best Baby Walker With A Lock System.

When you want to make your baby the happiest, what do you bring? A set of good and cute toys, right? Well, you won’t have to buy any additional toy if you get this baby walker.

This baby walker has five different types of toys built in it, which can keep your baby attached to it for the whole day. All the toys are made of very high-quality material. The colorful surface will make your kids happy for sure!

Kids have different developmental milestones. If you serve them with proper equipment, they will learn by themselves, and the developmental phase will be induced. That’s why this baby walker is built with a lot of various colors to increase the developmental rate of your kid.

Also, you will get a lock system where it doesn’t move at all. The lock system is unique and essential. For instance, suppose you want to feed your baby, then you can use this lock system.

Besides, the swivel of this baby walker is effortless. Your baby can learn walking using this one easily. Also, your baby will learn a lot of creative things if you use this one. It will be one of the amazing choices as a baby walker for carpet.


  • Great built quality
  • Big wheel baby walker for good stability
  • Easily movable
  • Lock system included
  • Helps in the developmental phase


  • Does not come with a lot of versatility

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14. Jeep Classic Wrangler 3-in-1 Grow With Me Walker – The Best Walker For Baby Boys

Most of the time, parents feel annoyed about the fact that they have to buy a new walker because of the growth of their child. But with this one, you can avoid that. The adjustability of height allows your kid to use this on any height.

A unique thing about this walker is, if your baby boy loves the style of jeeps, he will love this one. This whole walker is built on the jeep car theme. Is not it unique?

Sometimes, using a walker on carpet can be problematic. But with this one, your baby can easily roll onto the carpet. As a result, you won’t have to fold the carpet because of the baby walker.

Also, while looking for a baby walker for grass, you can keep this on your list. Because, along with carpet, your baby can also use this one on the grass. The big wheels are suitable to run on any surface.

In addition, your baby will love the horn sound and engine sound. It will provide the most realistic experience to your little kid making the walking development effortless. So, undoubtedly, you can rely on this one.


  • Great design
  • Fantastic back support
  • Easy to move
  • Big 360 degree wheels
  • Usable on the grass


  • Can create quite a safety hazards

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The buying guide on baby walkers for bigger babies

While buying a baby walker for your lovely baby, falling into indecision is normal. So, don’t worry, we have got your back! Let’s know a few things that you should check before buying the baby walker.

Safety issues:

of-course, the first and foremost thing is to check whether it’s safe for your baby or not. The baby walker should be something your baby can fit perfectly and walk around without falling or sliding. Also, look if the baby walker has suitable toys to play with or not. They can be a good thing to keep the baby busy while it’s trying to walk around. Also, check if it has any sharp edges that can hurt your baby. Make sure you remove those before putting your baby into it.

Material quality:

Material quality matters a lot when it comes to safety. First of all, you will want something that will provide a long enough service for your kid to start learning without the walker. Secondly, a high-quality product will always ensure the highest safety of your child and is firm enough for babies who might be a little healthier.  So, you should always rely on good quality material when you are giving something to your kid. Babies are very sensitive, so a little mismatch in the quality can do a lot of harm. Also, many babies tend to put things into their mouths that they find around. If your baby is something like that you would probably want a walker that comes with quality products that won’t harm your child in case he/she puts something in the mouth.

Wheel size:

The wheel size can decide the speed and the place of running the walker. With big sized wheels, it’s easier to run the walker over any surface. They are not only easy to use by your child but also are safer for them. If your intention is to make it run through carpet or grass, choose a walker that has a big wheel.


You can’t carry the baby walker with you if it doesn’t come with a portability feature. It’s obvious that when you have a baby with you, you will need to carry extra things with you whenever you go out and a baby walker is one of the most important things. So, it’s important to check whether it’s easier to carry it around especially if you travel or go out a lot. Also, portability comes with a foldable system; check if the baby walker that you are going to buy has the foldable feature in it. However, this can e=depend highly on the fact whether you are comfortable with a folding walker or not.

Height adjustability:

As the growth of every baby is different; if the baby walker doesn’t come with a height adjustment system, you will fall into trouble. Not all babies learn to walk faster. Some may even take a lot of days to learn this art and still continue to grow. If your child is a slow walker, he/she might need a walker for a long time but will outgrow it pretty soon. So, always choose a baby walker with height adjustability; otherwise, you will fall into problems.

Why do we recommend these baby walkers for bigger babies?

So these are the top 10 best baby walkers for bigger babies of the popular walkers available in the market for their kids to choose from for their attractive features.  When you choose a baby walker for your child you may get confused about which one to buy because there are similar features and a lack of knowledge on baby walkers.

So we’ve made this article for you to choose the best baby walker with big wheels for your child’s safety that we’ve recommended. These products carry a lot’s of the advantage than the disadvantage that has received a lot of positive feedback from the buyer. You can easily compare and choose from the above-mentioned baby walkers that each one is better and which one is suits for you.

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