Are Babies Born With Teeth – (2020)

There are some other parents who have a question or want to know that are babies born with teeth? So we want to give a short description of this topic that are babies born with teeth?  Teething is a normal part of a baby’s development during the first year of life. We know that most babies get their first tooth between 5 and 8 months of age and it is naturally.

In England a newborn surprised her parents and her doctors, when they shaw that the baby was born with a little tooth but not the properly tooth, according to news reports.

The 12 years old Isla-Rose was just born with the wobbly tooth. When her mother took her to a dentist who put numbing cream on the baby’s gum and promptly pulled the tooth out, the (BBC reported)

## What Is Natal Teeth?

Generally, after born the baby then teeth are growing but every 2000 of babies of 1 baby are born with the teeth. These are called natal teeth, very rare in newborn babies! It’s weird and maybe even disturbing to you, but that’s just the way it is.

Natal teeth are not common. They are developed on the lower gum, where the central incisor teeth will appear. Their structure is a little root. They adhere to the end of the gum by soft tissue and are often wobbly.

The Natal teeth are generally not well-formed, but they may cause irritation and injury to the infant’s tongue when nursing.  For the nursing mom, the Natal teeth are sometimes really uncomfortable! Because when the are feeding their baby they may be injured by their newborn baby’s teeth.

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## What Causes Natal Teeth?

Usually, the occurrence of natal teeth is not connected to any medical condition. At times, however, the development of natal teeth may be attributed to Ellis-van Creveld syndrome, Hallermann- Streiff syndrome, Pierre Robin Syndrome, Soto Syndrome; babies born with a cleft lip are also at a higher probability of being born with natal teeth.

The cause of natal teeth is unknown. But they may be more likely to occur in children with certain health problems that affect growth. Some other causative factors attributed to the development of natal teeth have been mentioned as infection, malnutrition, exposure of the mother to environmental toxins, trauma and the position of the tooth germ.

## What are the symptoms of natal teeth?

Natal teeth may sometimes look like normal teeth. But they are often:
  • Small
  • Loose
  • Brown or yellow

## These Natal Teeth can be a risk for your baby:

  • Feeding problems
  • Tongue injuries
  • Injuries to the mother during breast-feeding

baby with teeth

## These Natal Teeth can be a risk for your baby:

You may become shocked if your baby is born with teeth. But you should not disappointed about this matter! For the Natal, teeth the treatment will depend on your child’s symptoms, age, and general health. It will also depend on how severe the condition is your baby now.

Or the teeth may be removed if they are damaging your baby’s tongue. This prevents damage to your child’s tongue. You don’t need to take action unless the teeth interfere with feeding, or are a choking hazard. Treatment is sought when symptoms such as a sore tongue or mouth are observed of your babies. Your pediatrician can help advise you about what to do.

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